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Difference in Online and Live PT

So you've made the decision to get fit and you decide you want a Personal Trainer. What is the next step? Google?

You type Personal Trainer and it brings up lots of different pages and some of them offer to get you results without even having to leave the house. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

So what is the difference between online personal training and face to face training?

Online Personal Training - Pros

  1. You don't have to leave the house. Your session can be done wherever you want to do it. You don't need fancy gym wear or expensive trainers as no one will see you.

  2. You can make the times work to suit your routine and don't have to worry about childcare.

  3. Its cost effective. You are just paying for your sessions so you don't need a gym membership, car park fees

Online Personal Training - Cons

  1. Its less social. You don't get to mix with others in the gym and meet new people.

  2. Are you doing it right? Whether your session is on demand or live - the trainer will not be able to see your movement from all angles so there is a chance your technique might need a bit of help.

  3. Are you pushing yourself? Do you have that person in your face telling you that you can do that last rep? Or is it easy to 'sit this one out'?

Face to Face Personal Training - Pros

  1. Your PT will devote that session to helping you and you only. This session is tailored to your goals and will adapt it at any time if they need to - they will make it work!

  2. You will always get to try new things. If a PT or gym gets a new piece of kit you can try it out and incorporate it in your session rather than sticking to your dumbbells/kettlebells you have lying around at home.

  3. Quicker Results. A face to face personal trainer will be able to see your progress as you go and push you that bit more if you need to. The results will be physical and not relied on by sending your results in on a tracking sheet.

Face to Face Personal Training - Cons

  1. What cons???

Ok honestly - what are the cons?

  1. Cost. Working face to face with a trainer can cost more.

  2. Time. It has to work for you and your trainer.

  3. I honestly cant think of a third........

So I will not say which is better as it is what works for you. I prefer to work face to face with a client but appreciate those who prefer to work with a screen!

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