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How to cope going back to the gym post COVID

Think of the gym before Covid19. What can you remember? People coming in and out minding their own business, people hogging weights, sitting on machines on their phones? That has all changed.

As gyms were one of the last things to open after lockdown, i know a lot of people are anxious about their return to the gym. After all gyms have been portrayed as one of the most high risk venues for the virus to spread.

So if you are returning to an indoor fitness facility soon here are some tips to help you:-

  1. Plan your arrival time. Most gyms will have a booking system in place for a gym session such as 50-55 minutes. If you arrive late you may either be refused entry or have a shorter workout time. Make sure you leave home in plenty of time (but not too early as you may need to wait outside for your session time)

  2. Have an idea of what you are going to do in the gym. If you have a limited session time, you will not have time to wander around not knowing what you are doing. There is a chance you will have to adapt your plan once you arrive if certain equipment is out of order. But having a general idea of the equipment you will be using will make your session more productive.

  3. Only take with you what you need. If the changing rooms and lockers are out of bounds you will not have anywhere to leave excess belongings. Some gyms ban any coats or bags from the gym floor. Also you may not be allowed to bring your own gym/sweat towel in due to the spread of Covid.

  4. Keep your distance. As much as the gym staff will be on hand to monitor social distancing, please use your common sense not to hover near people - they might be just as anxious to be there as you.

  5. Don't be hard on yourself. You may have spent the past 3 months on the sofa watching Netflix and eating Oreos so you may not be in the condition you were before lockdown. That's ok!! Just do what you can do and enjoy being back in the gym!

  6. Wipe Up! Your gym will have provided antibacterial wipes or sprays for you to clean the equipment after use, please take advantage of this. The staff will perform deep cleans at the end of each day but by cleaning your equipment down personally will reduce the risk of infection during the day.

  7. Thank the staff. This is not their ideal job at the moment. The staff will want to get back to normal as soon as possible rather than monitoring gym sessions and cleaning - but they are doing this so you can have a safe gym session.

  8. Enjoy being back!

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