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Why Personal Training?

Have you ever seen a Personal Trainer in the gym and wondered what their job involves? Or wonder why people hire Personal Trainers? This guide can give you an insight into the world of Personal Training.

What are the benefits of Personal Training?

Motivators – That is right, at the times when you do not feel like exercising, we are there to help! We can help you enjoy fitness. We alter your mindset so that you will look forward to exercising. We will offer words of encouragement to get you to that last rep when you might have felt like giving in.

Accountability – Every Sunday night you pack your gym bag with the intention of starting the gym on Monday. But who will know if you do not go? Only you unless you get a Personal Trainer. Once you book in that session you will have someone to answer to.

Knowledge/Ideas – I know of a lot of people who have never wanted to go in the gym because they do not know what to do when they get inside. Having a Personal Trainer will give you ideas of workout routines and guidance on how to exercise effectively.

Results – This can mean anything! From weight loss, gaining muscle, improving flexibility, improving general fitness or wellbeing. Whatever your goals are your Personal Trainer will get them – after all that is what you are paying them for! If you are looking for a Training for rehabilitation purposes – make sure this is within their remit!

Fun Workouts – A Personal Trainer will never just put you on a treadmill or a leg press and let you get on with it. Whilst you are at home watching Netflix, we are watching videos and reading books to create fun workouts. Whether you are in the gym or in an outdoor space we will show you how exercising can be fun!

How to choose your Personal Trainer?

Is it as simple as just looking at one in a gym and hiring them? Not at all. You do not settle for bad hairdressers or dentists so why settle for a bad Personal Trainer. After all you put your trust and money into this person for results!

Location – Obviously, you want it to be an ideal location to your home or work, so it does not feel like a chore to get to.

Read Their Profiles – If you have a selection of Personal Trainers in your gym first of all read their profiles. All Personal Trainers will have a profile in the gym advertising their services, qualifications and a little about them. Take note of what they are saying. If it is all just listed as bullet points – do they have much conversation about them? Read what they have to say as they are trying to appeal to you! A qualification is a qualification but how a Personal Trainer advertises their expertise is what will attract you.

Sit back and watch – If you see a Personal Trainer with their client in the gym watch what they are doing. Does it look fun? Is the Trainer making the effort? Does the client look like they are enjoying it? Could you see yourself doing what they are doing?

Ask around – Ask at reception who the trainers are. Ask your friends who they use. Ask on Facebook if anyone has one. A referral is the most flattering way to receive new clients. To know our clients are happy enough to recommend our services is extremely rewarding.

Check their availability – This may sound odd but how easy is it for them to fit you in? If a Trainer can book you in easily – why is this? Is it because they do not have many clients – if that is the case, why? Is Personal Training not their main job? If it is not how reliable are, they going to be? A good personal trainer should have a near full diary! Obviously you still want them to fit you in but you also do not want to be their only client!

Book a trial – Some Personal Trainers (not all) offer free taster sessions for you to see if you like them. There is no obligation to continue with that trainer thereafter so why not book one with whoever you can!

What to expect from a Personal Trainer?

(Our pledge to you!)

· We will put you first in your session.

· We will make you feel comfortable and at ease and listen to any worries

· We will offer you guidance on exercising when you are not with your trainer

· We will keep your workouts fun and varied

· We will make you enjoy working out!

Do you need more convincing? Drop me an email and I can answer any other questions you may have relating to Personal Training

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